EuroPar 2022 Program

Accepted Papers

  • Deterministic Parallel Hypergraph Partitioning by Lars Gottesbüren and Michael Hamann
  • Exploring scheduling algorithms for parallel task graphs: a modern game engine case study by Mustapha Regragui, Baptiste Coye, Laercio Lima Pilla, Raymond Namyst and Denis Barthou
  • OmpSs-2@Cluster: Distributed memory execution of nested OpenMP-style tasks by Jimmy Aguilar Mena, Omar Shaaban, Vicenç Beltran, Paul Carpenter, Eduard Ayguade and Jesus Labarta Mancho
  • Two-Agent Scheduling with Resource Augmentation on Multiple Machines by Vincent Fagnon, Giorgio Lucarelli, Clement Mommessin and Denis Trystram
  • A methodology to scale containerized HPC infrastructures in the Cloud by Nicolas Greneche, Christophe Cerin, Tarek Menouer and Olivier Richard
  • High-Performance Spatial Data Compression for Scientific Applications by Ronald Kriemann, Hatem Ltaief, Minh Bau Luong, Francisco E. Hernandez Perez, Hong Im and David Keyes
  • Decentralized Online Scheduling of Malleable NP-hard Jobs by Peter Sanders and Dominik Schreiber
  • A Bi-Criteria FPTAS for Scheduling with Memory Constraints on Graphs with Bounded Tree-width by Eric Angel, Sébastien Morais and Damien Regnault
  • GraphGuess: Approximate Graph Processing System with Adaptive Correction by Morteza Ramezani, Mahmut Kandemir and Anand Sivasubramaniam
  • Analysing Supercomputer Nodes Behaviour with the Latent Representation of Deep Learning Models by Martin Molan, Andrea Borghesi, Luca Benini and Andrea Bartolini
  • Accelerating Brain Simulations with the Fast Multipole Method by Hannah Nöttgen, Fabian Czappa and Felix Wolf
  • Accelerating Parallel Operation for Compacting Selected Elements on GPUs by Johannes Fett, Urs Kober, Christian Schwarz, Dirk Habich and Wolfgang Lehner
  • Generating Work Efficient Scan Implementations for GPUs the Functional Way by Federico Pizzuti, Michel Steuwer and Christophe Dubach
  • Characterization of different user behaviors for demand response in data centers by Maël Madon, Georges Da Costa and Jean-Marc Pierson
  • A hybrid piece-wise slowdown model for concurrent kernel execution on GPU by Nicolás Guil Mata, Jose González-Linares, Bernabé López-Albelda and Francisco Manuel Castro
  • On-the-fly Calculation of Model Factors for Multi-Paradigm Applications by Joachim Protze, Fabian Orland, Kingshuk Haldar, Thore Koritzius and Christian Terboven
  • Relative performance projection on Arm architectures by Clément Gavoille, Hugo Taboada, Patrick Carribault, Fabrice Dupros, Emmanuel Jeannot and Brice Goglin
  • mCAP: Memory-Centric Partitioning for Large-Scale Pipeline-Parallel DNN Training by Henk Dreuning, Henri E. Bal and Rob V. van Nieuwpoort
  • IP-LSH-DBSCAN: Integrated Parallel Density-Based Clustering through Locality-Sensitive Hashing by Amir Keramatian, Vincenzo Gulisano, Marina Papatriantafilou and Philippas Tsigas
  • CrossDBT: An LLVM-based User-level Dynamic Binary Translation Emulator by Wei Li, Xiaohui Luo and Fengyuan Ren
  • Cucumber: Renewable-Aware Admission Control for Delay-Tolerant Cloud and Edge Workloads by Philipp Wiesner, Dominik Scheinert, Thorsten Wittkopp, Lauritz Thamsen and Odej Kao
  • Automatic Parallelization of Python programs for Distributed Heterogeneous Computing by Jun Shirako, Akihiro Hayashi, Sri Raj Paul, Alexey Tumanov and Vivek Sarkar
  • Semantic Code Replacement: Automatic Application Rewriting with Code Examples by Alister Johnson, Camille Coti, Allen Malony and Johannes Doerfert
  • Accurate Fork-join Profiling on the Java Virtual Machine by Matteo Basso, Eduardo Rosales, Filippo Schiavio, Andrea Rosà and Walter Binder
  • Multi-objective Hybrid Autoscaling of Microservices in Kubernetes Clusters by Angelina Horn, Hamid Fard and Felix Wolf

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