Euro-Par 2022 | Topic 11: Parallelism in IoT/Edge Computing | International European Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing Topic 11: Parallelism in IoT/Edge ComputingEuro-Par

Topic 11: Parallelism in IoT/Edge Computing

Global Chair: Rosa Badia, Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Local Chair: Paul Keir, University of the West of Scotland


Technological evolution has made computing devices pervasive to a wide infrastructure that spans from IoT/Edge devices, to the cloud, and to HPC; which has been also called the computing continuum.

Increasingly capable Edge devices are tightly connected to sensors, scientific instruments or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), coupled to public and private Cloud infrastructures and HPC systems. Future applications operate in varied domains (e.g. smart cities, smart transportation, smart energy, smart factories, e-health, etc.) and while processing and producing continuous streams of data, end users duly expect data to be accessible for the monitoring, analysis and visualization of the application results to enable interactivity.

Such a distributed scenario demands substantial research effort towards novel management architectures, enabling a coordinated and efficient control of a whole set of heterogeneous resources. What is more, given the number of devices involved in these future infrastructures, it is important to leverage both high-level concurrency, and on-device parallel execution, by using new programming models and runtimes.

In such a scenario, the main objective for the proposed topic is to set the ground for researchers, scientists and members of the industrial community to interact with each other, fueling new discussions on this emerging area as responsive distributed service execution moves towards the edge. Analyzing the way existing programming models and distributed processing strategies may support such a scenario, and to what extent these solutions should be extended or just replaced, is also fundamental. To support the expected evolution in IoT/Edge computing we must also address questions on data security/privacy and system reliability. The topic aims at opening new paths and feeds for research in an innovative and challenging scenario.

The topic aims at bringing together the community of researchers interested in new applications, management architectures, IoT/Edge device architectures, programming models, and systems based on these computing environments.


  • Software architectures spanning IoT/Edge, Fog, Cloud, 5G and HPC computing
  • Heterogeneous parallel programming models for the computing continuum
  • Workflow environments for the computing continuum
  • Parallel programming in the edge and in the computing continuum
  • Artificial Intelligence in the IoT-Edge-Cloud continuum
  • Use of accelerators and novel Edge device architectures
  • Data management in Edge devices and the computing continuum
  • Low-power, resource-constrained, and embedded systems within Edge devices

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