Euro-Par 2022 Call for Artifacts

The Euro-Par conference series encourages authors of accepted papers to participate in the Artifact Evaluation Process (AEP). The authors of papers accepted at Euro-Par 2022 will be formally invited to submit their support material (e.g., source code, tools, benchmarks, datasets, models) to the AEP to assess the reproducibility of the experimental results presented in the accepted paper. The artifact will undergo a completely independent review process, run by a separate committee of experts who will assess the quality of the artifact, the reproducibility of the experimental results shown in the paper, and the usefulness of the material and guidelines provided along with the artifact.

All artifacts will receive a review. The review will consist of few comments stating whether the evaluation was successful or not and providing hints for improving the document. A technical clarification window will occur, during which the reviewers can, anonymously, ask the corresponding authors of the artifact to solve technical issues encountered. The issues must be clarified within few days, otherwise the artifact will not be accepted.

The papers whose artifacts will be accepted, will receive a seal of approval printed on the first page of the papers as they appear in the final proceedings published by Springer. The artifact material will be made publicly available.

Although warmly advised, the artifact evaluation process is completely optional and, in any case, will not modify the acceptance decision already made on the Euro-Par papers.

Key Dates

Artifact submission

    May 2022

Technical Clarification Window

    End of May 2022

Author notification

     June 2022


Artifact Submission Guidelines

  • Only authors of accepted Euro-Par 2022 papers are invited to submit an artifact
  • You must use the same title and author for the paper and the artifact
  • Artifacts should be provided as a single ZIP file including:
    • The paper;
    • an Overview Document in PDF format;
    • the Artifact itself or a URL + md5 hash pointing to the artifact
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